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Sweetwater Silver

On this page you can see a few examples of Bob and Diane's finely handcrafted bits.

This picture shows a few examples of different cheek pieces. The first one is a silver overlaid American Eagle, the second one a Santa Barbara style, inlaid with silver. The center bit features a Las Cruces cheek piece inlaid with silver, number four is a curved cheek piece with integrate silver inlay and gun engraving in the center. The last bit features blued and engraved steel shank's with a engraved silver and gold shield.

5 Bits

Silver Overlaid Santa Barbara Spade Bit

Here we have a full view of a Santa Barbara spade bit with sterling silver overlaid cheek pieces and fine engraving.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact Bob and Diane Scalese at:

Sweetwater Silver
Box 1
Big Sandy, MT 59520
Phone (406) 378 2414

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